Vodafone Portugal taps Red Bull for 4K movies-on-demand

VodafoneVodafone Portugal is to make movies available in 4K resolution to its Videoclube on-demand users from today.

Vodafone’s line-up of 4K movies can be viewed free of charge by Videoclube subscribers equipped with one of the operator’s 4K UHD TV set-top boxes.

The content being made available is produced by Red Bull Media House. The 4K offering will kick off with four extreme sports-themed movies and will extend to over a dozen titles in the near future, according to the operator.

Vodafone Portugal launched its 4K UHD TV set-top a year ago, launching with linear TV channels Insight TV UHD from Television Entertainment Reality Network (TERN). The company had previously launched SPI International’s Funbox 4K UHD channel as part of its TV Net Voz platform, and subsequently aired coverage of last year’s Champions League football final in 4K on its Sport TV service.

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