ABI: 4K on the rise as media device shipments near 56m

Chromecast UltraShipments of streaming media devices will reach nearly 56 million in 2022 as 4K compatibility becomes increasingly prevalent, according to ABI Research.

The research predicts that in 2022, all streaming media adaptors shipping in North America and Western Europe will be able to deliver 4K video.

“4K streaming devices represent about 35% and 24% of streaming device shipments in North America and Western Europe, respectively, in 2017,” said ABI Research managing director and vice president, Sam Rosen.

“However, as penetration of 4K TVs grows, so will the revenue opportunities from Ultra HD definition purchases and rentals, as well as premium early release content.

“Pricing premium for these formats represents substantial revenue opportunity for studios and streaming service providers, and this will drive a faster shift to 4K streaming media adapters.”

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