Arris EVP of global marketing announces retirement

Ronald Coppock

Ronald Coppock

Arris’ executive vice president, global marketing and customer operations, Ronald Coppock, is set to retire on May 31, 2017.

The long-serving executive, who has been at Arris for 26 years, said he plans to dedicate his retirement to a number of charitable interests – including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Board, the National Incarceration Association, and the Auburn University Alumni Association.

“Arris’ deep customer relationships and our globally recognised brand are testaments to Ron’s vision and leadership in cultivating strategic partnerships and opportunities around the world,” said Arris CEO Bruce McClelland.

“Ron has made an indelible impact and continues to inspire the people of Arris; and he will bring his passion and influence to the next phase of his career.”

During his time at Arris, Coppock was part of the strategic team that successfully executed its Motorola and Pace acquisitions, which more than tripled the company’s size.

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