Twitter launches pre-roll ads for Periscope

twitter periscope producerTwitter is rolling out pre-roll ads for videos broadcast through its Periscope live-streaming service.

Twitter said the move will allow brands to attach their message to specific broadcasts from creators and publishers.

Ads will appear in the same way that they do currently on Twitter videos found in users’ timelines, and will apply to live and replayed content.

“As video viewership on Twitter continues to grow, video has become an increasingly important channel for publishers, creators and brands to reach their audiences,” said Periscope group project manager, Mike Folgner.

“Today, we’re introducing a new opportunity for publishers and creators to monetise their content, and for brands to advertise against it.”

Last month Twitter said it broadcast 6.6 million hours of live video through Periscope in its financial fourth quarter and attracted 31 million unique viewers to live premium video in the first quarter of operations, with 600 hours of live content from partners streamed across about 400 events.

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