Eutelsat extends functionality of TV guide in Middle East

Eutelsat HQ ParisEutelsat has expanded its mobile programming guide to include free-to-air channels broadcasting from its 7/8° West position. was launched in April 2016, targeting the 65 million homes equipped for DTH reception from Eutelsat’s Hotbird satellites. The app has registered close to one million downloads and is now available to the more than 52 million DTH-equipped homes in the Middle East and North Africa that receive free-to-air channels from 7/8° West. now gives viewers in the Middle East and North Africa the opportunity to browse through the programme schedules of around 400 free-to-air channels, with options to search by time, channel or type of content. The guide is available in five languages – Arabic, English, French, Italian, Russian – and can access programme details in up to 40 languages. has already seen strong take-up in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, according to Eutelsat.

Eutelsat has separately reported a 50% increase in the number of HD channels broadcast from the 7/8° West position in the last 12 months. The position, which is shared by Eutelsat and Nilesat, broadcasts 175 HD channels, of which 100 exclusive. The operator said that the position now serves 52.3 million homes, up from 49.7 million in 2014.

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