Neil: Age of the big TV bundle drawing to an end

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil

The age of paying for a large bundle of channels but only watching a handful is coming to an end, according to broadcaster and journalist Andrew Neil.

Speaking at SES’s Satellite Monitors event in London this morning, Neil highlighted the disruptive force of Netflix and Amazon and new services like the forthcoming ‘skinny bundle’ YouTube TV offering in the US.

While cord cutting is still not a major issue in the UK, he said the picture is very different in the US where services like Netflix and Amazon have made the issue more stark.

“They used to say SVOD broadcasters would not affect traditional broadcasters in America. They’re not saying that anymore,” said Neil. “The dissatisfaction with pay TV is growing in America, cord-cutting is accelerating.”

“It hasn’t happened yet, but I think it will happen – the age of paying for a thousand channels and only six of which you ever watch is coming to an end. We were lucky to get away with it for as long as we could, but I just think we’re not going to get away with it anymore.”

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