5G: KPN slams spectrum decision, TIM to launch trial in Turin

KPNDutch telco KPN has hit out at what it sees as a misguided spectrum policy from the Dutch government that could hinder the development of next-generation 5G mobile services in the country.

KPN accused the Dutch government of failing to provide a degree of certainty about the availability of the 3.5GHz band for 5G services. Although this band has been designed by the EU for 5G services, in the Netherlands the spectrum is used by the Dutch defence ministry’s satellite monitoring station at Burum in Friesland.

Communications minister Henk Kamp said that the spectrum should not be undervalued.

KPN also objected to a plan to withdraw two blocks of 10MHz of spectrum from that currently allocated for mobile, which it said contradicted the policy under which operators have planned their networks and is also contrary to international frequency harmonization and European Union policy.

The telco called on the government to adopt a policy in line with international spectrum harmonisation.

Telecom ItaliaSeparately, in Italy, Telecom Italia/TIM has unveiled plans to make Turin the first European city to have a 5G mobile network.

The telco signed a memorandum of understanding with the Turin city authorities, that will see a 5G trial launch next year. The project envisages the gradual extension of 5G infrastructure to cover the entire city by 2020.

TIM will move ahead with the installation of over 100 small cells in the main parts of the city centre, including Via Roma, Via Po, Via Garibaldi, Via Lagrange and Piazza Vittorio, in the Quadrilatero Romano, and in the areas where the Polytechnic University and University of Turin are located.

In addition, TIM will use 200 mobile ultra-broadband sites to provide enhanced radio coverage.

The operator said the trial will involve up to a maximum of 3,000 users. Applications to be trialled include public security, the management of public transport fleets and the provision of the information services associated with them, as well as remote surveillance, virtual reality to support tourism and the introduction of 5G technologies in the production processes used in manufacturing.

TIM will nominate Turin as the first Italian 5G city under the EC’s 5G Action Plan, which aims to speed up development by launching trials and later public use of the new technology starting with the main metropolitan areas.

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