HD+ first to launch major rollout of Nagra’s TVkey

nagra-small_tvkey-2Germany’s HD+ satellite service is to implement the first major rollout for Nagra’s TVkey product that allows consumers to view programming including 4K and HDR TV services directly on newer model Samsung TVs without a set-top box.

The SES-backed service will offer the TVkey free of charge to subscribers for a promotional period. Buyers of compatible Samsung TV sets at participating dealers in Germany will receive the HD+ TVkey free of charge by registering on HD+’s website. Signing up also ntitles them to a free six-month HD+ subscription, which upon expiration, can be converted to a regular subscription.

Kudelski-owned Nagra teamed up with Samsung in January to create a new co-venture to license the TVkey technology to chipset, dongle, TV and conditional access providers.The TVkey was developed by Nagra as a cost-effective way to offer content protection for 4K UHD TV services that meets the Hollywood studios’ content security requirements.

“The HD+ TVkey gives consumers HD+ channels without the need of a separate receiver or CAM module with smartcard–meaning access to HD+ becomes even easier. Working with Samsung also gives us the ability to reach new customers as soon as they buy a new television through instant HD+ service activation. And because the solution uses the security we know and trust from Nagra, we know our content partners will be satisfied,” said Georges Agnes, managing director and chief operating officer at HD+.

 “We are delighted to be part of the first commercial launch of TVkey. By being the first company to launch TVkey, HD+ is showing true market leadership in how this exciting new technology can be deployed in a way that is beneficial to both operators and new TV customers,” said Hyogun Lee, EVP, visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

“We are providing consumers and pay-TV operators with a flexible and cost effective route to high-quality services, while offering state-of-the-art pay TV security. By integrating our latest content protection technology alongside open standards, such as USB and HbbTV/HTML5, we not only ensure excellent security, but also deliver a feature-rich, operator-branded user experience directly to the consumer’s TV,” said Pierre Roy, EVP and chief operating officer, digital TV at Nagra.

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