Hisense to set up US internet TV operation centre

The number of cumulative active users globally of Hisense's Internet TV platform

The number of cumulative active users globally of Hisense’s Internet TV platform

TV maker Hisense is due to set up an ‘internet TV operation centre’ in the US, as it expects its smart TV user-base to more than double in the next year.

Hisense said that it currently has 2.6 million TV subscribers in the US and projects this to increase to more than 6 million by 2018.

“Netflix is the content partner with Hisense TV in the US and its user activity ranks the top compared with other partners,” said the company in a statement.

“The primary aim of Hisense was to enrich and differentiate the content and thereby increase the sales competitive power of Hisense TV.”

Hisense said it will close series A financing this year, and will use this funding to set up the US internet-TV operation centre.

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