BT rolls out ‘next generation of YouView’

The new-look BT TV 'mini guide'

The new-look BT TV ‘mini guide’

BT is introducing “the next generation of YouView” with a set-top box software update that will add a new user interface.

The update includes: a new, more visual, main menu; a faster full-screen guide; quicker access to media players and apps; an improved ‘mini-guide’ for showing what’s on now, next and in the future; and faster playback for channels and on-demand players.

“In the background we’ve rebuilt our platform in HTML5, which opens the door for more new features in the future,” said BT.

“We’ve also put in place a cloud infrastructure to power our interface, which means less work for your box.”

The phased rollout will start with BT’s T2200 model of YouView box – a slimmed down device that it introduced in 2015 and does not include recording functionality. BT said that all it’s other boxes will be updated at a later date.

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