Vodafone unveils Gigabit ambition for Bavaria

Hannes Ametsreiter

Hannes Ametsreiter

Vodafone Germany has set the goal of making Gigabit broadband speeds available to 70% of the residents of Bavaria by 2019, making Bavaria Germany’s ‘first Gigabit state’.

Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter said that Vodafone would turbocharge the development of broadband in the southern German sate over the next two years, continuing to upgrade its fibre network to deliver 1Gbops to seven in 10 households.

Vodafone already delivers 200Mbps services to a footprint of 13.7 million homes across Germany, and passes six million hoems with 400Mbps capability. Ametsreiter said that over a third of Bavarians now had access to 400Mbps.

Vodafone Germany this month launched a new advanced TV platform, Gigal TV, offering linear TV, on-demand video and apps from streaming services as well as multiscreen access to content via smartphones and tablets, available over the former Kabel Deutschland cable network.

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