Google brings VR to the web with Chrome update

Google Chrome VRGoogle is bringing virtual reality (VR) to the web with the latest version of its Chrome browser.

The update is designed to offer users a “fully immersive experience” when using Chrome with a Daydream-ready phone and Daydream View headset.

“Just browse to a VR experience you want to view, choose to enter VR, and put the phone in your Daydream View headset,” said Google in a blog post announcing the rollout.

“If you don’t have a headset you can view VR content on any phone or desktop computer and interact using your finger or mouse.”

Google directed users to a number of VR-enabled websites to try out the technology, including: interactive documentary site Bear 71; VR real estate library Matterport; VR film site Within; and PlayCanvas’ WebVR Lab.

“We want to bring VR to everyone on any device, and in the coming months we’ll add support for more headsets, including Google Cardboard. Try out these VR-enabled sites to be one of the first to experience the magic of VR on the web,” said Google.

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