Four fifths of UK internet users watch videos online

In the UK 79.4% of internet users, some 43.2 million people, will watch online videos this year according to eMarketer stats.

The research firm said that overall growth in the online video space has been buoyed by growth in younger age categories, with digital videos the most popular online activity for the youngest internet users in the UK

“This year 88.6% of internet users aged under four will be tuning in,” said eMarketer, which ranked the proportion of digital video viewers in the UK above smartphone or tablet users, digital audio listeners, and users of each of the major social networks.

eMarketer predicts that a total of 32.7 million people in the UK will use Facebook in 2017, a jump of 2.8% over last year.

Instagram will be used by 14.4 million people this year, a growth of 18.2%, while snapchat will be used by 13.6 million people, according to the research.

Twitter will trail in the social space, with eMarketer’s projections for its use lowered as a result of “drops in almost all age groups”. In 2017 the study predicted 12.53 million people in the UK using Twitter, marking yearly growth of 2.5%.

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