Tele Columbus launches 1Gbps broadband

Tele Columbus zentrale_hannover_bigGerman cable operator Tele Columbus Group has launched its first 1Gbps ultra-fast broadband service in the municipality of Markt Indersdorf in the Dachau area of Bavaria.

Tele Columbus has launched the service over a community broadband network operated by its Kabel & Medien Service (KMS) subsidiary.

The Markt Indersdorf network reaches about 3,500 homes across all 59 districts of the municipality, which has a population of about 10,000.

The launch is the latest stage in an ongoing upgrading of the local network, which launched a 400Mbps service in August last year.

Tele Columbus says that this is the first time a broadband network will offer 1Gbps across an entire municipal area.

Tele Columbus said that in addition to investing in its own network it is making its know-how available to municipal networks across Germany, whether these are operated as self-owned networks as in Markt Indersdorf, as partnerships between Tele Columbus and local authorities or development projects between local authorities or housing groups and the operator.