Viaccess-Orca taps Media Motive as part of mobile apps move

TV technology provider Viaccess-Orca is using Italian technology outfit Media Motive’s M3µ test automation platform to automate testing for its mobile and web applications. Viaccess-Orca intends to use the Italian company’s solution to improve testing for validation purposes.

Viaccess-Orca announced this week that it was acquiring Finnish software outfit BigHill, which specialises in developing mobile apps for TV content, adding a mobile TV app operating to its product portfolio.

Media Motive’s M3µ platform is designed to provide an automation tool for the testing of native Android or iOS applications, as well as other web applications, irrespective of the operating system, along with popular browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

M3µ supports scheduled tests, and can simultaneously run them on different devices, operating systems, and for multiple applications, dramatically reducing test time.

Cedric Hardouin

Cedric Hardouin

“For mobile and web applications, the rate of change accelerates in drastic ways. For some time, Viaccess-Orca has been searching for the right test automation partner that would help us control product quality and reduce time to market. Media Motive offers the perfect balance between ease of use and advanced automation capabilities. Using M3µ, we can successfully reinforce product reliability and meet the industry requirement for agility,” said Cédric Hardouin, executive vice president of R&D at Viaccess-Orca.

“It is a real pleasure to support Viaccess-Orca in its efforts to test its mobile and web applications efficiently. Our longtime expertise in software development life cycle for embedded systems and automation has helped us develop a product that adds value to validation activities, and can certainly guarantee the very best results. M3µ is positioning itself as the market leader for test automation and being chosen by Viaccess-Orca is the solid proof of the validity of our solution,” said Giovanni Fiengo, CEO of Media Motive.

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