NeuLion provides new version of SDK for 4K UHD smart TVs

Roy Reichbach

Roy Reichbach

OTT TV platform provider NeuLion has begun commercializing version 9.0 of its software development kit to enable smart TV manufacturers to provide features including playback, mobile to TV interactivity, total security, and live streaming of up to 4K resolution video.

The SDK provides support for Ultra HD TV manufacturers with a live 4K streaming technology solution, while NeuLion-powered mobile apps will be able to send content and interact with smart TV devices that have the NeuLion CE SDK integrated, according to the company.

NeuLion says the latest iteration of its SDK enables consumer electronics manufacturers to add support for HEVC high frame rate streaming (up to 4Kp60), enabling features including full DVR control, chapter points, and integrated metadata, instant replay, slow-motion and timeline event markers.

NeuLion’s SDK has been rolled out in Sony UHD TVs worldwide. In 2016, NeuLion powered three UFC live, pay-per-view events in 4K, available only on Sony Ultra HD TVs.

“NeuLion is continuously changing how viewers experience entertainment, including by developing advanced innovations on the devices consumers use to watch live sports, TV shows, movies and more,” said Roy Reichbach, President and CEO of NeuLion. “We are proud to license our technology to the biggest brands in consumer electronics to enable high-quality video streaming, up to 4K Ultra HD. By combining the NeuLion CE SDK with the NeuLion Digital Platform, we have created a powerful solution enabling Ultra HD connected devices to seamlessly stream live sports and entertainment content.”

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