TiVo launches Audience Management Platform, SongConnect

TiVo has launched an Audience Measurement Platform for ad optimisation and a music metadata package called SongConnect.

The Audience Management Platform (AMP) is a data-agnostic system designed to let media planners and service providers do data-driven audience targeting and more effective ad inventory allocation.

“With the Audience Management Platform, media executives are equipped with the tools to help them manage advertising in a more complex and rapidly changing media environment,” said Joan FitzGerald, vice president of product management and business development, TiVo.

SongConnect is designed to relate versions of a song to a single masterwork, letting music service providers enable “new discovery experiences” for music lovers.

SongConnect is powered by TiVo’s song ID and allows music providers to collect together alternate variations of a song – including live, studio, acoustic and remix versions.

This is designed to let music fans to find a song, even when there are multiple versions, and provide an additional level of detail in voice-led and advanced search and recommendation systems.

“Music service providers need new and innovative ways for users to discover related music,” said Kathy Weidman, senior vice president and general manager, metadata, TiVo.

“SongConnect enables the discovery of alternate versions of a song across multiple languages, in all different genres, by delivering a new level of connectivity and accuracy to search.”

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