France Télévisions taps Net Insight for DOM-TOM distribution

France Télévisions Réseau Outre-Mer, the network of TV and radio stations operating in France’s overseas territories, has tapped technology provider Net Insight to provide technology for its new media contribution and distribution network.

Net Insight will provide its Nimbra VA 220 internet media transport technology to support the transport of media between France Télévisions’ production facility outside Paris, and its overseas territories, which include Martinique, Réunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Guadeloupe and French Guiana.

The contract includes the replacement of the broadcaster’s satellite back-up network and the ability to add more territories in the future, according to Net Insight.

Net Insight’s French partner Metracom took the lead role in building the network and manages it as a managed service for France Télévisions.

“We can now consider a far wider array of live broadcasting services, often presented at very short notice, for our overseas territories where difficult connectivity environments had, until now, hindered numerous high-quality broadcast opportunities. Net Insight’s solution reduces our operational costs significantly, while at the same time enabling us to maximize our service availability and reach to our overseas territories,” said Pascal Gerard, broadcast director, French overseas territories, at France Télévisions.

“France Télévisions is a significant customer for Net Insight and shows that our presence in the French market is growing. With our solution in place, France Télévisions can now realize a scalable, flexible and reliable business continuity solution that delivers a high quality viewing experience to it its territories, addressing some of the biggest challenges they aimed to overcome,” said Fredrik Tumegård, CEO at Net Insight.

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