Google changes tack on Chromecast branding

Google's current generation of Chromecast

Google’s current generation of Chromecast

Google appears to have taken a decision to reverse an earlier move to bring the Google Cast brand to the fore by phasing out the latter name in favour of Chromecast, the name of its popular HDMI dongle.

Google is now reportedly describing TVs and speakers with the streaming technology built in as ‘Chromecast built-in’ rather than ‘Google Cast enabled’.

The Google Cast website now describes the technology, which allows users to cast entertainment and apps from their phone or tablet to their TV or speakers as “also known as Chromecast built-in”.

Google also changed the name of its Google Cast Twitter feed to @Chromecast.

In March, Google rebranded the Chromecast application as Google Cast to reflect its ability to work across a range of devices in addition to the successful Chromecast dongle.

At the time, Google said it was “changing the name of the Chromecast app to Google Cast app, to better reflect that Google Cast technology is now supported across a wide range of devices such as Chromecast, TVs, displays and speakers”.

Google more recently dropped the Google cast name for the app in favour of Google Home.

Google seems – at least for now – to have taken the decision to use the stronger Chromecast brand for all devices able to ‘cast’ media to the TV or speakers, while maintaining the Google Home name for its control app.



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