Ostmodern launches Skylark video delivery platform

BFI Player Plus screenshotVideo-on-demand (VOD) specialist Ostmodern has launched its end-to-end video delivery platform and content management system, Skylark.

The platform is designed to act as an all-in-one VOD solution for broadcasters and content owners, and already powers the British Film Institiute’s BFI Player offering and News Corp’s Asian football highlights service BallBall.

“The launch of Skylark represents more than a decade of Ostmodern’s first-hand experience and development to address challenges faced by broadcasters, sports rights holders, and content owners around the world,” said Ostmodern CEO, Tom Williams.

“It offers the flexibility of a bespoke video delivery platform as well as the total freedom to design a unique front end experience, which is one of the major shortcomings of typical white-label solutions.”

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