Roku adds live TV pause option

Roku 3Roku is rolling out new features such as live TV pause as part of an operating system update for its streaming players and TVs.

Roku OS 7.5 will make it possible for Roku TV owners to pause and playback digital broadcast TV – provided they connect a flash drive with 16Gb or more storage to their sets.

Mobile private listening, a feature that’s currently available on select Roku streaming players, will also now be available on Roku TV models. This lets users watch streamed content on TV but listen to the audio through the Roku mobile app.

Roku OS 7.5 includes a new Audio Guide feature that uses text-to-speech to assist with navigation. This will be available on Roku TV models and select Roku streaming players.

Other new features include the option for viewers to provide feedback on their experience with streaming channels by pressing the options button their Roku streaming player or Roku TV remote control.

Roku OS 7.5 makes accessing stored videos and other content easy by automatically launching the Roku Media Player when a user plugs in a USB storage device.

Roku search updates are also designed to provide results more quickly when you enter the name of a title, actor or director.

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