Proximus boosted by TV growth

Proximus's TV offering

Proximus’s TV offering

Belgian service provider Proximus added 18,000 TV customers in the third quarter to take its TV total to 1.834 million, up 6.9% year-on-year.

The additions gave the operator a 35.8% market share in digital TV, compared with a 46.4% share in broadband and 40.7% share in the country’s mobile market.

TV growth also underpinned the group’s 1.5% growth in top-line revenues to €1.105 billion. TV revenue grew by 10.8% compared with 4.1% growth in fixed data.

Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy said that the group had improved its multi-play penetration in the quarter. “We further improved on our customer mix by shifting towards higher value 3-and 4-Play offers, now representing 46% of our Household/Small Enterprise base. We expect to accelerate this trend with the recent launch of our new commercial offering Tuttimus and Bizz All-in, bringing our customers a total experience that they can customize to their own personal liking, allowing them to call, surf, watch television and work without any worries, at home and on the move,” she said.

Proximus’ Tuttimus offering gives users access to mobile voice and data as well as TV services, with three months of free access to Netflix offered as part of the deal.

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