Eurodata: young adults watch 1hr 30mins less TV per day

Millennials-imagery---couple-watching-TVYoung people aged 15-34 spend one hour and 30 minutes less per day on average watching TV than the total population, according to new research.

Eurodata TV Worldwide’s ‘Young Adults Report’ claims that people in this age range spent an average of 2 hours and 39 minutes per day in front of their television screens – 5% less than in previous years and markedly less than the wider population.

Young people are also more likely to make use of time-shifted viewing, according to the study. In the UK, people in this age group spent 20% of their TV time watching time-shifted content, with this percentage increasing.

“Entertainment is, on average by far the most watched genre by young adults in the ten countries studied, representing 40% of their TV time (vs. 36% for the total population),” according to the report.

“Reality Shows are especially popular among young adults, representing more than half of the top ten entertainment programs across the ten countries. On the other hand, factual television is the least consumed genre by young adults, representing just 28% of their TV time. However, it is the most consumed genre in terms of the overall population (38%).”

In the countries studied, four channels were found to have a proportion of young adult viewers greater than 50%: MTV in the UK; Viva and Comedy Central in Germany and TV2 Zulu in Denmark.

The research was conducted across 10 countries – Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, USA, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden. Eurodata cautioned that the trends mask the disparities between countries.