Immersive tech companies form VR coalition, Disruptive Reality

Stuart_VRA coalition of five immersive technology-focused companies has come together to work on a category of VR content they have dubbed ‘immersive entertainment’.

The collective, known as Disruptive Reality, consists of members: games company Revolution Software; AR and VR studio Amplified Robot and its health-related arm Medical Realities; VR software developer Spearhead Interactive; digital agency Augusto; and training and insights firm Digital Jam.

Disruptive Reality will work as a studio and aims to collaborate with brands across different industries to “unlock the value of VR within the wider franchise mix”.

‘Immersive entertainment’ will enable brands, studios, production houses and more, to create new unique lines of revenue through the use of virtual reality and immersive technologies, according to the group.

Disruptive Reality has already partnered with eSports company ESL UK; MediaCityUK’s innovation hub, The Landing; and TV studio and post-production facility Dock10 – which is also based at MediaCityUK in Salford, Manchester.

“We’re very excited to be working closely with Disruptive Realities at the forefront of immersive technology collaborating to develop new experiences within eSports,” said James Dean, co-managing director at ESL UK.

Jon Corner, CEO at The Landing said: “I see our Disruptive Reality partnership as a way of opening doors for new ideas and types of content to be explored by emerging talent.”

Tanya Laird, CEO of Disruptive Reality and founder of digital Jam said: “By bringing together cross industry immersive technology expertise we have been able to create an entirely new line of revenue for existing franchises, or new intellectual property that clearly demonstrates the commercial value of VR and immersive formats as a new line of business.”

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