Filmbox movies into eSports with Gametoon channel

GametoonChannels group SPI International/Filmbox has launched a new interactive gaming-focused channel, Gametoon.

Gametoon features  interactive gaming/second screen gaming, game reviews, tournaments eSports and viral content from the web.

The channel also enables viewers to play dedicated games on their mobile devices and share scores along with social profile pictures on air. Users can pick one of a group of casual gaming titles to play on their second screen devices and watch how they advance in a Gametoon global ranking.

Gametoon will feature live esports events along with information on the teams and games.

The channel premiered at MIPCOM this week and will, according to Filmbox, soon launch on DISH Network in the US and on Turkish mobile operator Turkcell’s platform.

“Young generations are watching content through online devices. It’s time to reconnect to TV. We would like to give millennials something to watch in their traditional cable box,” said Berk Uziyel, SPI’s executive director. 

“With Gametoon, viewers may follow eSports and watch top gamers compete against each other in global tournaments.”

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