MIPCOM: Vimeo launches TV Store, partners with Lionsgate, Starz

Sam Toles

Sam Toles

Vimeo has launched a new transactional TV store, with Lionsgate and Starz the first partners to come on board to provide content to the service.

Vimeo TV Store launched at MIPCOM yesterday and the service is designed to let premium studios sell their shows on a pay-per view basis to viewers in more than 150 countries around the world.

Lionsgate is the first major Hollywood studio to provide content to the new venture, making virtually its entire TV catalogue available, including popular series like Orange is the New Black, The Royals, Mad Men and Weeds.

Starz will add its content in the coming weeks and will sell shows such as The Girlfriend Experience, Ash vs Evil Dead and Black Sails through the store.

Speaking to DTVE ahead of the launch, Vimeo vice-president of programming, Sam Toles, described Vimeo TV Store as “the first global television on-demand service.

“The real differentiator is, if you look at iTunes or Google, they do offer feature films on a worldwide basis, but television is limited to a handful of territories – between six and seven depending on the various players,” said Toles.

“We felt there was a real opportunity to open up television in a global window so that when shows are launched, they can be released transactionally next day from air in 150-plus territories and really give the world access to premium content. We’re opening that ecosystem now to studios and reverse engineering from the ground up.”

Toles said that, with the store, Vimeo is creating new windows and new ways for studios to monetise their content. He added that there will be “a number of other announcements over the coming months with additional providers of that level of quality joining the initiative”.

Starz chief operating officer, Jeffrey Hirsch, said: “Vimeo is undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge online video platforms and Starz is very pleased to join Lionsgate in agreeing to provide content to Vimeo’s storefront.

“With this agreement, Starz will make available for purchase three of its most powerful and compelling Starz Original series for consumers around the world.”

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