Second-screen TV app Spott launches in Belgium

SpottSpott, a Belgian second-screen app that lets users buy items they see on TV, has officially launched.

The service will be available from today to VTM and RTL channel viewers, with the release following an 18-month trial period.

Spott uses sound recognition to identity what programme a user is watching and makes content interactive by detecting various products featured in shows and movies and linking them to an online store.

Using the Spott app and website, users can buy things they see on TV and create wish lists of products, with the service compatible with both live broadcasts and recorded content.

“You can now actually buy the dress that Emily Thorne wears in Revenge while watching the series, or add it to a list for later,” said Michel De Wachter, one of the founders of Appiness, the start-up behind Spott.

Appiness co-founder Jonas De Cooman said: “We believe Spott enriches the viewing experience of people who like to be inspired by what they see.”

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