Third of US broadband homes watch UGC 10 days per month

Parks-Associates--Use-of-User-generated-Online-VideoNearly 35% of US broadband homes watch user-generated video on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion at least 10 days per month, according to Parks Associates.

The firm’s new OTT research claims that 75% of US broadband homes access user-generated web content at least once per month, with men more frequently watching user-generated video than women.

Some 13% of US broadband consumers said they have watched live-streamed video on a mobile app – indicating that this kind of streaming is still in its relative infancy.

However, the research revealed that 22% said they are “very likely” to use an ad blocker to circumvent video advertising when watching web content.

“Today’s home entertainment is all about personalisation,” said senior director of research, Parks Associates, Brett Sappington.

“Consumers now expect video, music, and gaming experiences to adapt to their needs, including anywhere, anytime, and any device access. Successful services are extending personalisation into all aspects of the service experience and features.

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