YouTube launches paid promotion notifications

YouTube has launched a new video feature that lets content creators flag when a video is a paid promotion.

The new optional function adds text to a video for the first few seconds that says “includes paid promotion”.

Creators can also choose to add this text disclosure to any existing video without losing their view count or other video metrics.

“We’re excited to provide this feature in response to requests for an easy-to-use notification, but since there is no global disclosure standard, creators and brands should check and follow applicable laws as they may vary greatly by region,” said YouTube product manager Muli Salem.

Prior to the launch, YouTubers generally flagged videos as paid-for content by putting the word ‘ad’ in the video subject line and disclosing that the video contains advertising in the description box.

YouTube also already asks creators to flag to the site when a video contains paid promotion by checking the “video contains paid promotion” box in their Video Manager, so that it can remove the video from the YouTube Kids app in line with YouTube’s existing policies.

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