TiVo updates Fan TV platform

TiVo_Fan_TVTiVo has updated Fan TV platform to offer new personalisation and discovery features across TV, tablet and mobile devices.

The updated version of Fan TV will integrate personalised, contextual recommendations, and will introduce a smart grid guide to enable users to find content in a familiar grid-based format.

It will also learn, based on user activity, to provide accurate recommendations across live, VOD and OTT networks.

Fan TV will a now be available on Apple TV and Roku, as well as on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. TiVo said this will allow operators to reach new consumer segments and power ‘skinny bundle’ offerings.

“TiVo strives to provide innovative discovery products and services for customers, enabling improved experiences for subscribers,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager of the user experience business group at TiVo.

“The updates to Fan TV will help subscribers find relevant content rapidly, while offering operators much needed flexibility across different networks and devices to mitigate trends toward unbundling and cord shaving.”

Rovi acquired video discovery startup Fan TV in 2014 and earlier this year announced that it had turned the service into a platform aimed at service providers, developers and channel partners.

Rovi has completed its acquisition of TiVo earlier this month and started the process of integrating technological and product capabilities under the TiVo brand name.

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