Liberty partners with Ericsson on LatAm DVR services

Ericsson logoLiberty Global has agreed a new two-year deal with Ericsson that will see two of Liberty’s Latin America-based operators expand their DVR services.

VTR in Chile and Liberty Cablevision in Puerto Rico – both part of Liberty Latin-America and Caribbean (LiLAC Group) – will both use Ericsson’s Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) to widen the reach of their Catch-up TV and Restart TV DVR services.

Ericsson’s VSPP is designed to simplify recording capabilities and also offers infrastructure that can augment and replace legacy television services with new cloud-based services.

“We consider DVR a very attractive entertainment service for our customers and we are pleased to now provide them with an enriched user experience that lets them enjoy the service even more,” said VTR logistics manager, Derek Yeaomans.

Adrian Gioia, head of TV and media, Ericsson Latin America and Caribbean, said: “We are looking forward to supporting LiLAC Group in delivering ever-improving content, quality and features that delight TV consumers and meet their unique and ever-changing needs.”

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