Deutsche Telekom appoints new technology director

Walter Goldenits

Walter Goldenits

Deutsche Telekom has appointed the chief technology and IT officer of its Hungarian subsidiary, Walter Goldenits, to director of technology at Telekom Deutschland.

The Magyar Telekom executive will succeed Bruno Jacobfeuerborn in his new role and will also take over a leading management position in the newly established board area, technology and innovation, which will be headed by Claudia Nemat.

With the move, which becomes effective on January 1, 2017, Jacobfeuerborn will transfer to Deutsche Telekom AG Holding, taking on the post of chief technology officer for the group in the new technology and innovation board department.

“Walter Goldenits brings a wealth of experience and international expertise to Telekom Deutschland. That will help us continue to expand our infrastructure,” said Niek Jan van Damme, board member for Germany at Deutsche Telekom AG and managing director of Telekom Deutschland.

Magyar Telekom’s CEO, Christopher Mattheisen, said: “The appointment of Walter Goldenits provides recognition to the technology unit of Magyar Telekom and to the level of commitment and professional work, which affects our everyday life and allows Magyar Telekom to offer high quality services to its customers.”

Magyar Telekom is yet to announce who will take over from Goldenits when he moves job.

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