Teleste to showcase Luminato, highlight smart hotel rooms

TelesteTeleste is to use IBC to showcase its Luminato headend at IBC and feature the use of the platform to provide smart hotel services for Hibox Systems.

Hibox Systems is using Luminato to deliver a new online TV system aimed at the hospitality market called Hibox Smartroom, designed for hotels with smart TVs in their rooms.

In addition to providing TV services, the Hibox Smartroom allows hotel operators to provide premium guest Wi-Fi for visitors, make money from Internet traffic, trigger and display emergency messages and sounds, and manage and follow up cleaning and maintenance activities in their premises, according to Teleste.

Running on the Luminato application module, the Hibox Smartroom does not need any additional PC servers on the headend, according to the company.

The Luminato headend also enables hotel  operators to update smart TVs at once, rather un updates on each TV set from the manufacturer’s server separately.

“Delivering smart video and TV services will maintain their position at the core of headend development, but in the future, also another types of headend services and technologies will evolve, driven by the diversifying needs of consumers as well as individual service providers and operators,” said Julius Tikkanen, vice-president of video service platforms for Teleste.

“Introducing open application development to our Luminato headend, Teleste has made it possible for operators to outline and implement solutions that best benefit them and their customers already today. We are pleased to highlight these possibilities at IBC2016  and showcase to you e.g. Hibox Smartroom, a hotel service hub designed by our partner Hibox Systems.”

Mathias Johnson, product manager of hospitality for Hibox, said: “Our vision is to help hotel operators add value to their brand, share information, as well as save time and money while creating a delightful experience for hotel guests. Deploying Teleste’s Luminato headend has given us the possibility to provide our customers with a solution that meets the needs of the industry, and creates added value by e.g. convenient and compact installation and eco-friendliness.”

Teleste will be exhibiting at IBC on stand 5.C72

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