Nagra and Samsung launch TVkey security solution

NAGRA_KUDELSKINagra and Samsung are launching a direct-to-TV security solution for pay TV operators, called TVkey.

The TVkey USB device allows consumers to sign up for pay TV services directly on selected new Samsung TVs and meets all the key MovieLabs requirements for enhanced content protection – namely 4K UHD, HDR and early release.

TVkey consumers will be able to access 4K UHD content on new TV sets through a simple sign-up process and with a single remote control unit.

The solution offers a fast, secure and low entry barrier route to market for pay TV operators launching 4K services directly to new consumer TV sets, according to Nagra and Samsung.

Viewers can sign up for a pay TV package through a simple sign-up process, either via a TV app, a web portal or a call center, with no additional set-top box or installation required

“The TVkey low CAPEX approach will enable a range of new business models that drive service take-up while significantly diminishing subscriber acquisition costs,” said Nagra’s senior vice-president of content and asset security, Maurice van Riek.

“We achieve this goal by using the world’s most trusted content protection solutions alongside open standards like USB2, HBBTV, HTML5 to ensure effective security and offer the possibility for a feature-rich, operator-branded user experience.”

The first TVkey market deployment is due to take place in the fourth quarter of 2016, with pay TV operators on two continents set to launch TVkey-based services in 2017.

Nagra is exhibiting at IBC on stand 1.C81

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