GS Group launches General Satellite-branded IPTV box

GS-H5912Russia’s GS Group has launched its first IPTV set-top box under the General Satellite brand, aimed at internet service providers, OTT operators and content aggregators.

The GS H5912 device is designed to provide TV over IP-based networks and supports HD channels and video-on-demand functionality.

GS Group said that the box, which was developed over six months at GS Group’s GS Labs centre, is initially targeted at IPTV providers but will be available for OTT service providers “in the near future”.

“We follow global trends and strive to provide access to the high-quality digital TV services to an increasing number of users across the country,” said GS Group’s director for strategic marketing, Andrei Bezrukov.

“We’ve analysed the rapid spread of OTT technologies and have discovered great prospects in its development in Russia.”

The set-top box has been put into production and is ready for large-scale manufacture at GS Group’s Technopolis GS facility in the Kaliningrad region of Russia.

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