Vodafone Portugal launches new Smart Router for TV subscribers

Vodafone portugal smart routerVodafone Portugal has launched a new 5GHz 802.11ac WiFi-enabled ‘Smart Router’, provided as an integrated part of its TV Net Voz OTT TV offering.

According to Vodafone, the router delivers internet around the home four times faster than current devices. The device also supports Guest WiFi, a service that allows subscribers to create an additional WiFi network that can be shared with friends and family while protecting the security of the main network. The Guest network can be customised with regard to speed or time of availability.

Other features include the Smart Router App, and Android app that allows users to control their home network remotely, turning the signal on or off, changing the name of the password and determining which devices are connected.

The router is being offered as part of Vodafone’s TV Net Voz OTT TV service for new customers at a promotional price of €28.90 a month for 24 months.

The launch of the Smart Router follows Vodafone Portugal’s launch of 4K UHD TV along with other recent additions to its TV service including access to Netflix, and the recent launch of Brazilian international TV channel Globo.

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