ADB adds second-screen companion app features to new platform

ADB boys birds eye view_1000pxTechnology provider ADB has launched new second-screen companion app features to its graphyne2 TV software platform.

The platform is due to be launched at IBC next month.

The second-screen application, which is free of charge, is designed to allow service providers to give users access to features such as global search, management of multiple recordings and channel lists, along with the capability to browse multiple personalized VOD libraries on their chosen device, according to ADB.

The app is also designed as a communication channel for the operator. Clickable push messages and ad displays allow operators to execute personalized communication campaigns, while interactive messages allow viewers to complete additional actions, such as selecting a movie or activating a new service, according to ADB.

“Subscribers want an easier way to get the most out of their content experience, while operators are focused on reducing capital investment on set top box (STB) hardware and operating costs

on the development of content services,” said Wojciech Doganowski, VP product marketing, personal TV at ADB.

“Our second screen application is an elegant way of addressing both of these challenges. Audiences gain an application on their favoured device that allows seamless access to key TV service features from anywhere, at any time. On the provider side, our private video-casting technology allows operators to reuse legacy STBs that are over five years old to handle new content services without the need for major hardware refreshes or expensive development cycles.”

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