Ofcom looking to place burden of service switch on new providers

Ofcom pay tv switchingUK regulator Ofcom has opened a consultation on proposals to make it easier to switch landline, broadband and pay TV services.

According to the regulator, UK consumers face a number of obstacles in switching services that can deter them from going ahead. These include loss of service due to delays in services being installed a activated, and difficulties in coordinating the switch double-paying for services that overlap and difficulties contacting previous providers and cancelling their services.

Ofcom has highlighted two options for improving switching. The first, dubbed Enhanced Cease and Re-Provide, would give consumer s more flexibility in how they contact their old provider and oblige that provider to organize the switch and ensure that the stop and start dates coincide.

The second option, Gaining Provider Led, would mean that users only need to contact the provider they want to join and the work of coordinating the switch would be done by that provider.

Ofcom’s initial assessment is that the second option would be more effective than the first and this is the option it is proposing to achieve its objectives.

The consultation is open to interested parties until October 21. The regulator expects to publish a policy statement next summer.

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