Tricolor TV taps Eutelsat for mobile TV service

TricolorRussian pay TV operator Tricolor TV has teamed up with Eutelsat to use the latter’s recently launched SmartBeam multiscreen delivery system to provide mobile TV services.

Consumers will be able to receive Tricolor TV’s new service in public venues by downloading an app on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. They can then receive channels via a local WiFi network connected to a compact low-cost satellite box that will receive the content direct from a Eutelsat satellite at 36° East.

The service will enable Tricolor TV to deliver DRM-protected content to hotels, shopping centres, airport lunges, medical centres and other public venues without recourse to terrestrial networks.

SmartBeam uses a small satellite receiver that acts as a local DCN to deliver TV channels and video-on-demand content via satellite to mobile devices via WiFi. Native IP streams are converted from unicast to multicast at a teleport and broadcast over satellite in DVB-S2. The receiver decodes the stream, extracts the original IP packets and delivers them to smartphones, tablets or other IP native devices through a regular Wi-Fi access point or home router. Live content is served on-the-fly, while VOD content is stored and can be accessed at any time, according to Eutelsat.

Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of Eutelsat, said: “Eutelsat’s satellites and technology are already the backbone of distribution networks for broadcasters and pay-TV platforms around the world. Now, with SmartBeam, we are leveraging multiscreen solutions to help broadcasters extend OTT services and offer the same experience to users located beyond range of terrestrial networks. SmartBeam will also be able to circumvent user frustration with buffering and disconnection as terrestrial mobile networks saturate. We are delighted that Tricolor TV, one of our most prominent pay-TV clients, has recognised the added value of SmartBeam as a new content delivery solution.”

Alexei Kholodov, CEO of Tricolor TV, said: “As a leader in digital television services Tricolor TV is committed to deploying cutting edge technologies and services that extend our zone of reception and enhance the viewing experience for our customers. As we wait for a plane to take off, or sit in a waiting room we have all thought at one time or another that being able to watch television would be a real benefit. Now, thanks to our partnership with Eutelsat, Tricolor TV is going beyond the four walls of user homes to reach viewers on their mobile devices in public venues.”