Tele Columbus and Unitymedia extend fast internet reach

Tele Columbus Foto_Spatenstich_MuennerstadtGerman cable operator Tele Columbus is to build out its cable network to deliver ultra-fast internet and TV services to Münnerstadt in the Nuremberg area in Bavaria.

Tele Columbus-owned Nuremberg network operator NEFtv will be responsible for the Münnerstadt extension, which will see TV, telephony and 200Mbps internet services delivered to Münnerstadt.

NEFtv currently serves 2,400 homes in the town with internet speeds of up to 25Mbps. The upgraded build will see high-speed services delivered to these homes and to a further 600 households.

Separately, Liberty Global-owned German cable operator Unitymedia has upgraded its network in the Steinhagen area in Westphalia to enable ultra-fast internet.

Unitymedia said that the upgrade would bring 400Mbps internet services to about 3,900 households in Steinhagen later this year.

The company said that Gigabit bandwidth could be introduced in the future.

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