BitTorrent appoints TV news network director

Harrison Bohrman

Harrison Bohrman

BitTorrent has appointed former Viceland and CNN producer, Harrison Bohrman, as news director for its new live-streaming TV news network.

Bohrman, BitTorrent’s first ever news director, is tasked with building a news team from the ground up, leading the development, planning and production for BitTorrent News.

Bohrman most recently worked as a senior producer of creative development at Vice’s recently launched TV network, Viceland. Prior to that he spent more than five years writing and producing at CNN.

BitTorrent News will run on BitTorrent’s May-launched multichannel app for live and linear programming.

The BitTorrent Live platform is designed to offer a mix of content – spanning news, sports, music, technology and youth culture – and will use BitTorrent’s proprietary peer-to-peer live streaming protocol.

BitTorrent claims this will enable live video delivery with a sub-10 second latency and without the need for expensive CDN distribution and pre-provisioning.

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