Genius Digital unveils data market map

Genius Digital Data MapGenius Digital has published a refreshed ‘Big Data Market Map’, in a bid to “decode the role of big data across TV and OTT”.

The company, which provides data solutions to TV operators and broadcasters, said the map will help operators to more comprehensively understand the market dynamics around data, the key players and the role they play.

“There are so many companies claiming a role in some way when it comes to Big Data, and the second generation of our data market map, provides a clear and concise guide, helping companies right across the TV and content ecosystem to identify where they fit, and how they interact with other players,” said Genius Digital CEO, Tom Weiss.

“With the publication of this infographic we’re stripping away complexity for non-customers, and showing how players right across the TV landscape can utilise data in a variety of ways to create profitable business models.”

 Click here to see the data map.

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