Swisscom taps Cisco for live UHD TV

Swisscom has teamed up with Cisco to launch its UHD TV service for the Euro2016 football championship.

Cisco is providing its UHD live encoding solution for Swisscom’s service, which is available on the Swisscom 2.0 platform.

The encoding platform used by Swisscom is part of Cisco’s virtual Video Processing platform.

“We decided to evaluate a number of encoders in a pilot phase to ensure that we made the right selection, with a focus on picture quality and stability,” said Peter Fregelius, head of TV development and technology at Swisscom.

“Cisco came out on top with excellent live UHD picture quality and delivering the stability we requested. We are very happy to collaborate with Cisco for our UHD live launch during the 2016 European football championship.”