Tablo app launches on Apple TV

Tablo tv appleTablo, a Canada-based next-generation DVR service, has launched as an app for the latest-generation of Apple TV set-top box.

The service lets users access network TV shows via both a live guide and recordings screens. It also allows one-time and series recordings to be scheduled for shows due to air within 24 hours.

“Before Apple even announced the availability of an Apple TV that would support an App Store, people were asking us for a native Tablo app for Apple TV,” said Tablo in a company blog post.

“In January, we were excited to announce our plans to make this happen and show a preview of what Tablo users could expect from a native Tablo OTA [over-the-air] DVR app on this new TVOS platform.”

“Over the past six months, our iOS team has been coding their fingers off developing a beautiful Tablo app for Apple TV designed from the ground up to deliver the same awesome Netflix-style look and feel as our other apps while taking advantage of some of the great features of the Apple TV ecosystem.”

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