Google exploring Fiber rollout in Dallas, Texas

Google_Fiber_bsd_fiber_FB_IDOLnationalannounceDallas_BLUE_kw3 (3)Google is now “exploring the possibility” of rolling out its Google Fiber project to Dallas, Texas, the company has announced.

Google said it will work alongside the city’s mayor and local leaders to learn more about local topography, existing infrastructure, and other factors that may impact construction.

“Building a fiber optic network through a dense and complex urban environment like Dallas is challenging—these discussions will help us deploy our network efficiently and responsibly,” said Jill Szuchmacher, director of expansion, Google Fiber.

“With Fiber, businesses can download files in seconds rather than hours, communicate faster with customers, and much more. Dallas is already one of the best cities to work in tech. Google Fiber will help Dallas attract even more tech talent, and push the city further toward the future.”

Earlier this year Google said it will roll out its Google Fiber broadband service in San Francisco and Huntsville in its latest set of service deployments. Google launched its Fiber initiative six years ago in Kansas City and has now connected cities across the country.

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