Paywizard updates Agile billing platform

Bhavesh Vaghela

Bhavesh Vaghela

Paywizard is updating its subscription and billing platform, Paywizard Agile, promising more subscriber insights and enhanced monitoring of billing data.

The company said that the upgrade is a “direct response to churn caused by payment failures and errors” and will allow operators to take a “more proactive and personalised approach to managing subscriber engagement”.

“Monetising your content and service is much more than just collecting payment.  In our experience, proactivity during the billing process can go a long way to reducing churn,” said Paywizard’s chief marketing officer, Bhavesh Vaghela.

“Expired credit cards for example, can cause the loss of up to a third of a TV operator’s customer base.  The key here is for operators to understand the different reasons why subscribers are falling through the cracks and counter that with a better and more proactive consumer experience.”

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