Telenet to launch ‘all-in’ WIGO package

02TEL16113_WIGO_MOF_36m2.inddBelgium’s Telenet is set to launch WIGO, an “all-in” telecoms package that will let users make unlimited national mobile and landline calls, surf the net and watch TV on any screen.

The Liberty Global-backed cable operator said that the service is a response to changing consumer behaviour, with customers now “permanently connected” and less likely to “differentiate between fixed and mobile services”.

“We have noticed that more and more customers and companies are no longer interested in which technology is used to connect them. Customers want to move on and it is up to us to facilitate this requirement using the easiest possible method,” said Telenet’s senior vice-president of residential marketing, Jeroen Bronselaer.

“We are removing the barrier between fixed and mobile services in terms of both usage and charges/invoicing, because WIGO allows every family member or everyone in the company to make unlimited calls in Belgium, watch TV on any screen, surf the most powerful internet in Flanders and use a generous ‘bundle’ of mobile data – at a fixed price.”

WIGO, which is due to launch on June 20, is available with three different mobile ‘data bundles’, which can be shared in line with the requirements of individual family members or company employees.

The packages, which all include unlimited fixed and mobile calls in Belgium and digital TV, are available to families with either 2GB, 5GB or 10GB of mobile data.  Businesses can opt for 4GB, 10GB or 15GB mobile data packages.

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