Tellybean call service on goes live on Sony TVs

TellybeanTellybean’s video calling service is launching on Sony 4K HDR Ultra HD Android TVs in North America.

The app will be featured on the TV home screen of the Sony Android TVs and the launch follows the release of the Tellybean Camera app earlier this year and the launch of the service on Philips Android TVs in April.

“We are really excited about the cooperation with Sony Electronics. The Sony team has also been a great sounding board for us and has helped us refine and improve our service in the past few months,” said Tellybean CEO, Cami Hongell.

“Adding Sony TVs as an additional Tellybean partner brings significant value to all Tellybean users and the service. We want to make it as easy as possible for everybody to call a TV.”

Tellybean is a video calling service for smart TVs. The Tellybean Camera app makes it possible for users to turn Android mobiles into a ‘wireless webcams’ to video call on the TV.

“To complement our web app for computers, we are currently working on a first version of a mobile app that will allow users to call a TV when they are travelling”, said Hongell.

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