KDDI taps Intelsat Epic NG for Olympics contribution


Intelsat 29e takes to the air

Intelsat 29e takes to the air

Japanese telco KDDI is using Intelsat’s new high-throughput Epic NG platform to provide regionalised video contribution and backhaul services at the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Intelsat will support KDDI’s contribution services for a Tier 1 global media customer via a regionalised C-band beam from Intelsat 29e at 310° East, enabling transmission of HDvideo signals from sports venues at the Games to the International Broadcast Centre in Rio.

“The ability of Intelsat Epic NG to deliver more megabits per megahertz enables us to provide more efficient, high-quality, video contribution services for our leading media customers. By providing lower-cost, HD video transmission solutions, we are able to differentiate our services offerings to our subscribers.  We are leveraging the efficiencies generated by the Intelsat Epic NG platform to grow our business,” said Ikuo Mochizuki, general manager, media sales department, KDDI.

“Our globalized network has supported every Games since 1968 and we continue to innovate and work closely with our media customers to ensure that we deliver the most immersive, compelling experience to viewers regardless of location. Intelsat Epic NG is poised to be a game changer this summer, bringing high power and better economics that will enable our customers to extend their reach in a much more efficient manner.  We look forward to working closely with KDDI to bring the spirit of the Games into millions of homes across the Asia Pacific,” said Terry Bleakley, regional vice-president, Asia-Pacific, Intelsat.

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