UPC Slovakia sees explosion in Horizon Go use

UPC Slovakia Horizon GoLiberty Global-owned UPC Slovakia has seen use of its mobile TV service Horizon Go increase threefold since the service was introduced a year ago, the company has revealed.

According to the cable operator, the number of mobile TV streams delivered has increased from under one million during the first three months after the launch of the service, while the last quarter ahs seen this increase to 3.2 million streams.

According to UPC, the service is now seeing 8,700 streams delivered each day.

Some 41% of users view Horizon Go via the Android app, while 46% view it via the web. Only 13% use the iOS app. Almost 94% use the service while connected to WiFi, with the remainder accessing it via 3G or 4G mobile networks.

The most watched programmes on the service are live football and hockey matches, evening news, The Simpsons and reality TV show Farma.

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